November Goals

November Goals_Blog.png

Do you set goals? Are you actually moving toward them?

I used to think I was good at setting goals but I realized I wasn’t moving in any direction. I had NO vision. I didn’t know what kind of life I was working toward.

Once I had “sort of” a vision of where I wanted to go, I, at least, had a starting place. I wasn’t just setting goals to set them anymore. Because that’s exactly what I was doing.

Why set goals?

Without them how will you know if your moving toward your vision or away from it? When we are clear on our vision, we can set goals to make real progress.

Honestly, I don’t believe there's a one-size fits all solution but there are a lot of resources.

Two years ago I finally found one that worked for me...Cultivate What Matters Powersheets. The really awesome thing about Powersheets is, you can use them a variety of different ways. You can even take a month off and not feel guilty about it.

At the beginning of 2019, I’ll show how I set up the beginning of my year but for now, I’ll just share my goals with you and how they help progress throughout the month. (Check out my Instagram for progress checkins throughout the month)

I originally saw Diana Kerr, another life coach, post hers and it was super helpful for me. I hope this glimpse into my world is just as helpful.

I separate my goals into three “buckets" personal, professional, and relational.

Monthly goals:

PROFESSIONAL: Enroll X amount of clients

PROFESSIONAL: Write the next month of blogs

RELATIONAL: Go on a “intentional” date night

Weekly Goals:

PERSONAL: Purge and Pack 2 rooms

PERSONAL: Work on creative “outside-of-work” project

RELATIONAL: Work at least 2 days with other people

Daily Goals:

PROFESSIONAL: Write every day

PERSONAL: Prayer & Bible

PERSONAL: 5 Gratitudes


PERSONAL: Drink 60oz. of water

PERSONAL: Get outside for at least 15 minutes

QUESTION: What is the #1 goal you are working on right now?