How To Focus on Less & Accomplish More This Year

It’s not too late! 

It has been said that January 12 is the day most people quit their goals. Now that we are well past that, it’s time to get back on the bandwagon or create new goals all together. 

Where to start? 

First, create a vision statement for your life. 

What do you want to be about? What do you want you life to look like someday? 

Check out these blogs on vision.

Now, let’s create goals!

5 year goal-This comes from your vision but is close enough to be, at least, somewhat attainable.

1 year goal- Pick one things that get you closer to your 5 year goal. This is still a semi-big idea.

Quarter goal

1 month goal

Daily goal

All of these should build on each other. 

Here’s the break down of what my “Busniess” goal is.

My Overall Vision: To live an intentional life that helps others see clearly who they were created to be, know their value, and their creator deeply.

Category: Business

5 Year Goal: Have a thriving online community that encourages and walks with each other, creating and accomplishing big dreams in their lives. 

1 Year Goal: Create Connection 

Phrase for the Year: Show up & Speak truth

Quarterly Goal: Build and Communicate with thriving email list 

Monthly Goal: Create an email strategy and write a “welcome” sequence

Daily Goal: These change day to day. When I create my daily schedule the day before I ask myself, what is one thing I can do tomorrow that will get me closer to my monthly goal. 


12 Week Year by Brian Moran

The ONE Thing by Gary Keller

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What is your one goal for 2019?