Encouragement from the Fog

This was not the post I was going to write today, but I feel like someone else might need this.

This past couple weeks have been mentally hard. Part of it’s the weather, part of it is my own brain. I’ve been here before and I’ll probably be here again in the future.

I wanted to start the year off strong. I wanted to dive head first into all the goals I have for the year. I wanted to be proud of myself for my tenacity and perseverance.

But, it’s not going as planned. I can’t work the hours I am used to because my mind quits on me. I can’t focus like I want and I don’t know why. But I’m going to keep taking baby steps forward and get help when I need it until the fog lifts.

I know I’m not the only one so I thought I’d share a little encouragement this week, right in the middle of the mental chaos.

  1. You are not alone.

    If you feel alone, reach out. Get help. Whether a friend or professional help, reach out to someone. Because the truth is, you are not alone but no one knows to reach out to you.

  2. Take in this moment.

    Even in the hard moments, there is beauty. Find it. Take it in. Make note of it.

  3. Have patience and grace with yourself.

    You won’t be in this place forever. You will make it through it. One day, you will be on the other side and thankful this season is over. But for this moment, right now, today, be patient with yourself. Allow a little grace for yourself, because you would for someone else.

What do you do to rise above the fog?