5 Women to Follow on Instagram to Inspire & Encourage You

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We all know social media can be a giant black hole of comparison, negativity, and frustration. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

It is worth saying there are two sides to this though. The first is, you have to be secure with yourself. You have to like your life, not covet other peoples. If that’s a struggle for you, just get off social media.

Why even do that to yourself? If you can’t see another person’s life without getting frustrated or think they have it all or all together, you need to step away and see the good things in your life. They’re there, I promise. 

We all know (and HAVE to remember) social media is mostly a highlight reel and hint of blooper reel of someone’s life. 

I personally love Instagram, I am inspired by beautiful things. Whether it be a photo or story, I can’t help but enjoy seeing the good things. Last week, I was attempting to highlight the inspiring women I follow (some personal friends, some of them women who have no idea who I am) and it got so overwhelmed because I have found so many amazing women through social media. I am sure if I knew them in real life, we would be friends. 

So I wanted to share just a few encouraging and fun women I follow, just in case you need to add a little more encouragement and inspiration to your feed. 

Our habits, thoughts, and reactions are formed by what we put into our minds, through reading, social media, tv, etc. These women inspire, make me laugh, and encourage me in Truth.  


Hilary Rusford (@hilaryrusford)

I don’t even know how I found Hilary a few years ago. But she’s delightful. She share real struggles about business, connection and relationships,  encouragement, and always is on the verge of a dance party. If you’re a creative, especially, get on this bandwagon. 



Jasmine Star (@jasminestar)

Jasmine is full of spunk and always setting those scarcity, negative mindsets straight. Super fun, positive, and enthusiastic…my kind of girl.



Alli Worthington (@alliworthington)

I actually was introduced to Alli’s work because I picked up her book, Breaking Busy, on discount last year. Then I head Jamie Ivey’s podcast with her and I was hooked! She’s hilarious and grounded in truth. She’s not ashamed of who the Lord has made her to be and the truth He has given her to speak.



Marshawn Daniels (@marshawnevans)

Author of Believe Bigger, Marshawn has an amazing story of faith when things are going exactly like you want them and when everything comes crashing down. She’s got a lot of wisdom and encouragement to share! 



Ashley Lemieux (@ashleyKlemieux)

Again, I don’t know how I found this sweet soul, but I’m certainly glad that I did. She has been through some hard things, like, I would never wish it on my worst enemies, hard. She has come out on this side of things with a positive perspective and practical words and action to help you stand back up.


QUESTION: Who is your favorite, most inspiring women to follow in the social world? 

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