3 Ways to Gain Better Clarity & Focus Your Future

3 Ways To Gain Better Clairty and Focus Your life_Blog.png

The first step to knowing where you’re going is having a vision of where you want to be.

After graduating college, I had a lot of dreams but no real path. For 8 years I went from job to job, never really feeling like I had purpose in what I was doing. I always felt out of place. I wasn’t bad at what I was doing but never really enjoyed it.

In 2016, I took Marie Forleo’s B-School. Working through the first week of material, I really started to gain clarity about what I wanted for my life for the first time.

Since 2016, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to help many people gain clarity of their own lives. You can’t have vision without clarity.

Here are 3 questions to ask to start to gain clarity:

1. Identify what the real challenges are for you?

Identifying what are real challenges for you, whether in your home life or career, can help to bring awareness to where you really are or where you should move away from. I’m not saying if something is challenging you should run the other direction. Actually, the opposite, lean into it and figure out what it tells you about yourself and your situation.

Sometimes it will move you some where else and other times it will have you push through. Make a list. Go through each and ask yourself:
1. What about this makes it challenging for me?
2. What can I learn about myself and my situation from this challenge?

(This is not a list of the minute challenges you face but the overarching challenges, so this list will probably be pretty short.)

2. What brings you life?

What are the things in your past and present that have brought you absolute joy? Make a list. Activities, hobbies, memories, etc. Now, what are some commonalities.

We are all drawn to different things, it’s how we’re made. It means something that specific things bring you life.

3. What are your strengths?

I encourage you to ask 5 close friends what your top 3 characteristics or strengths are. I promise it will be eye-opening and encouraging to see yourself through someone else’s eyes.

You can also take a test like StengthFinders to help you see how you might be wired.

We are all created with different strengths, weaknesses, and gifts. Knowing your strengths is a good starting point for seeing how you were created.

You were created for more than what other people have told you are.

You were created to make an impact in lives. And this looks different for everyone.

You may have the same spiritual beliefs as me but I think that the Bible hits this accurately no matter what you believe. It teaches that we are all part of one “body” but made to be different parts. Stop trying to be a foot when you’re supposed to be a mouth.

QUESTION: What has helped you bring clarity to your life?