5 Easy Ways To Make Working From Home Work


Before we dive into those tips let’s start with the pros and cons. Because working from home seems ideal and glamorous when it’s the greener grass on the other side of the fence.

To be honest, I think some people would not thrive working from home. There are so many good things about it but it comes with its own set of challenges.


  • Make your own schedule

    This really is my FAVORITE things about working from home. There is no 8-5 or scheduled lunch break. I can go to the store when I want, and work the hours I’m most productive.

  • Change of scenery

    I have a hand-full of coffee shops and cafes that I work from. It does wonders for my brain to be in a new place and not sitting at the same desk day after day.

  • Work at your own pace

    This could be a bad thing if you aren’t self-motivated. But for me it’s definitely a pro.


  • Distractions

    When you are at home so many things can become distraction if you let them. (Ex. Laundry, cleaning, TV, sleep, etc.)

  • Judgement

    I don’t know what it is but when I started working from home there were comments about not really having a job, not wanting accountability, or general skepticism.

  • Lack of accountability

    This can be really hard, especially if you are working for yourself from home. You don’t realize how much built in accountability comes with working alongside people in an office.

best practices/good habits that can combat the “cons”:

  • Get to know yourself

    It’s important to know if you work better alone or around people. What times of day are you most productive? Do you need to take a nap in the afternoon? What gives you energy and what drains it? When you get to know yourself a little better you can plan better, be more productive and restful.

  • Change your scenery

    Changing your scenery can boost creativity and help you feel a new sense of “let’s do this”

  • Make a friend (or two, or three) 

    Find a friend or two you can “work” with. This will help with loneliness and the lack of accountability.

  • Stick to a schedule

    It can be loose, but know what you are going to do every day. For example, I have time blocks that I work on certain things on certain days. And it’s the same every week.

  • Allow change in your seasons

    You may try something and it doesn’t work, just try something else. Or maybe it worked for a while, but really isn’t anymore. That’s ok. Give yourself grace and remember there is no one right way to do this.

What would be your ideal work day?

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