February & March Book Review

So we can get on with it I'm combining February and March. Some of the books I read were a lot about coaching so that's probably not as interesting. Here are my top 3! 

I'll include the whole list at the end.

finish: give yourself the gift of done
by jon Acuff

Jon Acuff does it again. In January, I reviewed Start and it really fired me up. But Finish did that exponentially. He uses this book to debunk perfectionism and helps you to set yourself up for success. He makes a case for re-setting your goal, making your goals fun, and getting out of your own way. If you have started project after project and not finished nearly the amount that you've started, this book is for you!

What I'm finishing and a challenge to you...

  • Certification for Life Coaching

  • Blog/Content Schedule

  • Reading 50 pages a day

1. Write down 5 things you want to accomplish.
3. Write down and schedule the next three steps you need to take to accomplish that goal.
4. Write down what  you will have to say no and yes to in order to accomplish this goal.

Meaningful quotes from finish:

"The harder you try to be perfect, the less likely you'll accomplish your goals."

"...choosing a goal you believe will be enjoyable increases your likelihood of satisfaction by 31 percent...the second benefit to picking something you enjoy is that it increases performance success by 46 percent."

"Make sure that what you're chasing is actually what you want to catch."

".We don't ever age out of needing someone to believe in us."

Girl, Wash Your Face
by Rachel HOllis

When you read Rachel's book Girl, Wash Your Face you get this feeling of "I'm not alone". She walks through 20 lies that she has believed (and many women today believe) in her life and how she walked through them and came out on the other side. From mom to business women to wife, she doesn't back down from the REAL lies and the REAL solutions she's used. If you want to sit down with a "girlfriend" and let her give you some "no BS, this is what I've walked through" truth, pick up Rachel's book.

A Few lies almost every women can connect with:

  1. I'm not good enough.

  2. I should be further along right now.

  3. I need to make myself smaller.

  4. There's only one right way to be.

Meaningful quotes from Girl, Wash your face:

"Work just as hard for the fun moments, vacation moments, and pee-your-pants-laughing moments as you do for all the other things."

"Celebrate the small moments. They're sacred, even if they aren't stepping stones to something else. Nothing is more important than today."

"...how many women are walking around living in half their personality and in doing so, denying who their Creator made them to be. Do you really ting God made you...in hopes you would deny your true self because it might be off-putting to others?" (This quote/chapter resonated so much with me because it's the whole reason I started coaching!)

"How in the world are you going to love your neighbor if you don't know your neighbor?"

wisdom from women in the bible
by john c. maxwell

John takes you on a wonderful journey through "heaven" to meet nine incredible women from the Bible. Taking life and leadership lessons from what might be their perspective. To imagine these women, full of life, emotions, and their own opinions was incredibly eye opening. Everyone one of them and their stories are so different that it reminded me, yet again, that every one of our stories is individually written and intricately woven together by a creative, all-knowing Creator. This little book will open your mind and let you see the REAL people of the Bible in a whole new light. 

Other February & March books: 

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