How to Make Your Move a Little Easier

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Packing…ugh…it can be such a chore. The more you do as you purge and pack the easier and more fun unpacking will be. Here are a few tips that have helped me and might be helpful to you! 

Organize what you can

The more you purge and organize as you pack, the less stressful unpacking will be.

Label: room, contents, and what to unpack first

As you pack each box, make sure everything in that box belongs in the same room and keep a running list of box contents. Nothing is worse when you get your new place and you try to find plates and you keep opening boxes that have living room decor in them. 

I have a free download for you here! The labels I made for my latest packing adventure. 

Keep box size in mind

You don't want boxes too heavy to move, even once your in your new place moving room to room. I promise, movers or not, this will make the move more seamless. 

Hire movers

Don’t write it off that you can’t afford it before you do your research. Search Groupon, Craigslist, or other discount/neighborhood sites. You may be surprised. This is the first time we have used movers and let me tell you, it has made the packing process less stressful as well! 

QUESTION: What is your packing advice? 

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