Recommendation & Inspiration {summer}

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Whoa. I disappeared for a while. Summer is a time of traveling and exploring for my husband, J, and I. It’s been amazing but I am so excited to jump back in with you! Let’s just start off with a few new recommendations and things that have been inspiring me this summer.

I like to do this because it’s always fun to see what other people are in to. Some of my favorite books and podcasts are because someone recommended them to me.



Ingrid Lee presents 10 aesthetics of joy, complete with examples and a toolkit on different ways to implement them into your own life. She gives simple ways to add aesthetics to any area of your life, including your home and workplace. This book was not only fun to read but made me excited to start adding things that weren’t just function but also brought a smile to people’s faces.

“joy isn’t just something we find. It’s also something we can make, for ourselves and for those around us.” -Ingrid Fetell Lee

Throne of Glass Series

I love YA fiction. This series has had me enthralled for 7 very long books and I am so sad to finish it. It starts out as a simple story of an assassin and turns into a story of kingdoms coming together for the good of each other, including magical people, love stories and epic battle fights. It literally has all the things.

Atomic Habits

I have recommended this book to many friends already, I like to call it the habit book for the every day person. James Clear gives simple systems to build on things you already do to implement new habits in your life. Atomic Habits can help any person build any habit and break any bad habit.

“Goals are good for setting a direction, but systems are best for making progress.” -James Clear



Jamie and Knox are delightful. A friend introduced me to this podcast a couple months ago and I 'am obsessed. Their tag line is “talking about things that entertain but do not matter”. And they do just that. It’s light hearted and entertaining.

Eps to start with: FlavorTown, Urban Dictionary eps, Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories

Root of Evil

If you like true crime, listen to this. Guys. It’s a web of crazy family history, a sociopath murderer, and people who should never have parented child. You’ll be hooked.

That Sounds Fun with Annie Downs

As a coach I love personality tests. I think they help with communication, growth and can give a lot of awareness about ourselves we previously lacked. The enneagram is definitely the “in” thing in certain circles and Annie Downs did an episode per type with people that tested as that type. These episodes are fascinating.

Eps: The Enneagram episodes

Rando Tip (just for fun!):

Take a staycation and be a tourist in your own town.

We have spent part of the summer being a tourist in our own city. We have found new restaurants and coffee shops we love. And found ourselves visiting places, such as the Space Center, that we haven’t been to since elementary school field trips. And let me tell you, it was way better as an adult!

Leave your recommendations in the comments!