Portland is an interesting city. Full of life, good food, and a lot of grunge. 

The city is split into quadrants and each has there unique feel about them. It's easy to get around and most areas are walkable.

The Oregon wine country is only an hour south of downtown and the beach is just an hour an a half west. It's situated in the perfect area where there is always something to do and good food is just around the corner. 

Here are a few of our favorite things and restaurants that we hit. (Check out the FTB Guide to Portland on Pinterest!)


Day 1-Downtown

Pine Street Market is a collection of restaurants. Pick your favorites and sit down to enjoy! (Our favorites were apparently multiple types of fries) Ruby Jewel, just a short walk away, was our favorite ice cream in Portland! 

Powell's bookstore is your book dreams come true. Rooms upon rooms of new and used books. You could literally spend days in here. 

Day 2- The Wine Country

Lunch at Red Hills Market. Their steak salad and pizza are delicious! The we explored a couple vineyards. 

Day 3-Cannon Beach!

Day 4-More Downtown!

Day 5: Morning in the Southwest, afternoon in the Northeast"ish"

We also visited the Rose Garden, which would have been absolutely gorgeous and amazing except it was winter and there wasn't a bloom in site. 

Day 6: Exploring the streets of the Northwest

Delicious ice cream at Salt & Straw (Honestly, I liked Ruby Jewel better, but just personal preference of ice cream consistency) We found this amazing chocolate shop, The Meadow. They literally have an entire wall full of chocolate bars (picture above is 1/5 of the wall). Then happened upon a delicious pasta place, Grassa. (note: we ate our meal too fast to snap a photo) 

Last day: Explored one more coffee shop, Coava. Super cool place that doubles as an artists Bamboo furniture shop.