What does Kenya have to do with being a life coach?

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In 2015, I spontaneously (yes, you read that right) went on my very first trip to Kenya. It changed my life. Like, for real. 

I was working at a small, boutique marketing agency with the best girls here in Houston but when I came back, I knew I couldn’t stay there. Four months later, I was raising support to work on staff as the Communications Director at His Voice Global. In my time as full-time staff I became one of the leaders for all of our small teams to Kenya. 

As an organization, we partner with a local church in Maai Mahiu, Kenya called Rift Valley Hope. We’ve had the privilege helping open a girls and boys home, each housing 12 amazing kids, build deep relationships with the moms of our kids and the RVH staff, and become family to Isaac and Esther, the pastors of RVH. 

This year, to focus on my coaching business, I transitioned to part-time, Africa Team Lead & Special Events Coordinator. And next week,  I will head off to Kenya for the 9th time. 

This is a huge part of my life and it had a large part in me deciding to be a life coach. We have come alongside our friends, Maggie and Keziah, in Kenya and help these kids and women learn to dream. 

Help them step outside the box of what life looks like into what life could look like. 

Hopefully, opening their eyes to what the Lord is doing and has provided. Showing them that just because we were born in different circumstances doesn’t mean our internal struggles aren’t the same. 

I know that it has tremendously changed my life and the way that I see how God is working in and around me. These trips and relationships have grown an even deeper desire in me to help people lean into who they were created to be, and do what they were created to do. 

I love these kids, women, and staff. No matter where my path leads as an entrepreneur or life coach, I hope and pray that I always get to be a part of what HVG is doing. 

To see more of our work, I post will be posting on mine and HVG’s Instagram stories next week! 

QUESTION: How could the Lord be using your current circumstance for His future plans?