What does mindset mean?

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It’s the “in” thing right now to talk about mindset. But why? 

Mindset is defined in many ways but I think the most common is “ the established set of attitudes held by someone.”

Much like worldview, your mindset will influence a lot of what you do, how you act, and what you think of others and yourself. 

This is why mindset is important, it is your limitations to the world surrounding you. 

This is not just saying something to make it so BUT often the limitations we have set for ourself are much smaller than what we are actually capable of. 

So mindset is the foundation of your thoughts, good and bad. Mindset is why you decide to press on or quit.  

Although not easy, mindsets can be changed.

Follow along all month as we talk about different kinds of mindsets, myths we might need to realize aren’t truth, and questions to ask ourselves to start changing our mindsets to gain on the potential you’ve already been given. 

Let’s start here: What is holding you back from being successful where you are?

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