Why I was scared to quit and why I did anyway

Why I was scared to quit and why I did anyway_Blog.png

You have ideas of what you’d love to do. Passions you’d like to pursue, dreams that seem to be dying by the day. You’re living the life that you thought you were supposed to and you feel like something’s missing. It’s not that you don’t love where you are but maybe you feel there’s something more. Something else you’re supposed to pursue. 

Oh, the frustration of having dreams and not knowing what to do with them. Feeling lost, silly, and even stupid. I have been there. There have been a couple times in my life where the Lord opened a door but I was only supposed to be there for a limited amount of time and I usually end up staying to long because comfort is comfortable.

Back in 2015, I left a growing marketing agency that had the potential to give me an amazing future, financially and creatively, for a small non-profit where I had to fundraise my salary. At least that’s all people saw. It was a leap of faith, for sure, and I had no idea what was in the future but I knew I had to do it. And, honestly, at first, I was terrified. 

So…why did I do it? 

There was always this nagging feeling that there was something else. I wasn’t passionate about it and every time I sat down to work I hated it. It was work that put me behind my computer 40+ hours a week and I knew I was meant to be with people. It’s literally how I’m wired. 

Recently I heard Bob Goff say,

"I don’t want to be just limited to the things I’m capable of I want to get to what I was made to do.” 

I was capable of being a great graphic designer but it’s not what I was made to do. I’m passionate about people. Being with people, hearing their stories, helping them see possibilities, sharing my story, and seeing how God has weaved all of life together. I’m passionate about courage, bravery, and taking big leaps to show that faith and god is real. I’m passionate about showing people that the “impossible” prayers aren’t actually impossible at all. 

So that’s why I did it. Some people are passionate about art and creating art for others, I’m just not. I love creativity and beauty, I’m all about it but I am not made to sit at my computer creating (you might be!) I am meant to be with people. 

There is no right or wrong, better or worse, in choosing either lane. It’s not about what you’re doing. It’s about why you’re doing it. 

QUESTION: What’s one thing you KNOW you were created to do?